One of the things I see happening on the ground is networking.  It's showing up in diverse, unique, fun, serious, delightful, challenging ways.  This is what this page is about.

During the Middle Times (we like to think that these days are some of the most challenging, but there have been worse, and we could, indeed, be coming up on some of the most challenging, in terms of how we deal with, adjust to, cope with the Reality of coming down from our Oil/finite fuel addiction, at the same time the global climate is changing - in ways we can only imagine; and work - as we know it - is being redefined in myriad ways, and often by others far removed from our life) there are some questions to which - working in a network environment, we can begin to envision solutions (realizing that Change is the only constant - perhaps it's God's middle name, eh?) that might (or not) work for all of We the People of the planet.

1.  What happens to the "least of these?"  That would be our Wisdom Elders; our little children; our folks who are challenged in some way - be it physically or mentally.  You get the area of dialogue involved here, yes?

2.  How do we look at community survival strategies?  Do we know what that means, even?  My suggestion is to start a dialogue with just a few folks in the neighborhood who see networking and neighborhood as essential pieces of any survival pie.

3.  We all have areas of awareness - knowledge &/or practical experience - and all those levels are/will be valued and utilized.  Within this sharing of awareness and wisdom, how do we get to the place where no one is over anyone, but everyone has their 'lead' area - keeping always in mind that being the 'lead' in one area is just that; there will be, of necessity and skill, areas where each of us us is a part of the "class, gathering, session, thought shower, meeting - call it what you care to - I think it's pretty clear.

4.  How do we see those days when beginning to face the reality of challenging times as a world society (for no matter how hard we try, we cannot - unless we choose to - forget that so many living spirits are already in deep crisis in terms of survival:  no clean water or no access to any; no shelter; no food - these are things most of the western world doesn't deal with - other than how to get the money to get food/water from the store.  In dire circumstances, most of us can always get water and there are places where food can be eaten.

That's it for this post.  For myself, I'm going to network as much as I can, and intend to put links to areas of expertise and also topic, so you can find more easily the suggestions/expertise/opinions/suggestions/offerings that will take us through these Middle Times.

C'mon...join us.  It feels great to stand up...and stretch.  And at the tip of your fingers within that stretching...

Meet me there.  I'm stretching, too.

Peace.  We are all One.  Todos Somos Uno.

Yes...The Force is with us...