17 September 2011

No Climate Change?

I wonder how much it will take before we realize that Climate Change is real? Can it be that the Climate Change deniers - funded by billionaires who are getting old and they'll die and we'll be left with the consequences of their actions - don't care even about their own? For Climate Change - and its twin, Peak Oil - are converging on us and our planet by the day. Can we take a look, clearly, without ideology or thoughts of profit-at-any-cost, and determine to do something? The rest of the world is waiting - and we sit here like a lump of cookie dough - molded by those who know how fearful people respond. 

See Clearly What Is. Then, begin to scratch the dark off the looking glass through which we gaze.

Reality, TX from The Butler Bros on Vimeo.

06 August 2011

Sharing, Sustainability, through the realization of We are all ONEness

There are so many folks, families, groups, small businesses, cooperatives, you name it - who are living, and thereby putting down the foundations in real-time - the 'how-tos' of living at the convergence of what I call The Four Biggies:  Water, Nuclear, Climate Change, Peak Oil.  We can add the "economy" to it; however, as complex as some folks have tried to make it, suffice to say, it's like betting on a horse race, high-stakes.

So, sticking with folks who are co-creating a new/old/refined way, Freewheelin' Farm has some great ideas.  They're California-based, but ideas and concepts are pretty simple, straightforward, and easy to adapt and apply them in your area.  Check it out, then let me know what you think, yes, please?


07 July 2011

Realities vs Misconceptions About the Science of Climate Change

From the Pew Center for Climate Change...Realtities vs. Misconceptions

Knowing What Is,
and accepting that It Is,

Realizing that what is happening doesn't work;
Then co-creating what we know can work;
Acting out Who We Really Are;
as we build and be a Bridge.

And as we begin to be/do what works.
We are being and building a Bridge
To a New Day and a New Way.

With the Reality of One Energy being the core operating principle
(If we realize, re-member, that our soul/spirit is not locked into some
 human casing; rather it is that human cloth that is housed inside the
soul/spiritenergy - and realizing that means we can never see Separation
as Real; or things that separate as other than Constructs and Myths.)

It is not only possible to get through what I call The Middle Times; it is right across the Bridge we are being and building.

Peace/Mir/Paz...Let's Rock.

01 June 2011

Organic Agriculture's Resilience Shows Untapped Potential | Worldwatch Institute

All the poison pesticides, herbicides, round-up ready scatter gunned dna tweaking
soil depleting frankencrops of Monsanto and their crony entities, might decide that
a profit can be made from doing it in a sustainable healthy way. Do ya' think?

A New Way.

Organic Agriculture's Resilience Shows Untapped Potential Worldwatch Institute

26 June 2010

Five Minutes a Day for Fresh-Baked Bread

Great tips on Bread - even the most modest "I'd-like-to-make-bread-but.." folks can do this.

Thanks to Mother Earth News!

Five Minutes a Day for Fresh-Baked Bread


15 June 2010

Think Progress � Bachmann: Obama ‘Chose To Stand’ With Ahmadinejad And Hamas By Offering Humanitarian Aid To Gazans

I swear I don't know where they find these women who are in the political process as Republicans. They are all eating too many GM pork rinds.

Bachmann is certifiable - what I have to wonder is who votes for her...?

Think Progress � Bachmann: Obama ‘Chose To Stand’ With Ahmadinejad And Hamas By Offering Humanitarian Aid To Gazans

21 May 2010

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Deepwater Horizon

IT'S TIME...Let's start getting real about Peak Oil, and the devastation
our careless, callous, unthinking, gluttonous use of it has and is causing.

And...if you truly trust The Greed Group (6 Mega Corporations;
6 Mega Media conglomerates/corporations; 6 Banking/Investment Corporations = 666)

Then you are "domesticated" and perhaps might think how painful
it can be to be sheared as Sheep are.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Deepwater Horizon

12 May 2010

Eating up the landscape: Permaculture proves a yard can wield more than grass / LJWorld.com

The very idea of being able to do something like this - after convincing my hubby of the efficacy
and efficiency of doing it, terraced, on a verge/small rise that sweeps in an arc around the end of the
driveway with the garage door on the opposite side -

is Smile-making. I've been an advocate of Fruit Trees (there's a fairly wide expanse at the top of the rise
as it slopes gently toward our little forest.), perennials (trees, bushes, flowers); and all manner of
beggies, fruits, herbs, whatever, in an orderly (but not too) and leisurely style.

The walkways would not be straight; rather free-form, with a few wide spaces where small benches can be placed.

T'is a good thing. :-)