07 June 2009

Green, Sustainable, and just plain interesting links

I'm on Twitter as TeamHumanityNet.

This is my website name for Team Humanity Network - a website dedicated to Oneness. I believe that, with the awareness that We are all One - all one thing, even at the quantum physics level (watched The Secret?) - we can build and be a bridge to a New Day...a new way of being and doing on our planet.

And that involves realizing that "Being" is an active verb and not just a state of being. As Activists, we are all varying shades of the same Rainbow...Diversity in Oneness...working toward the same goals - a Future that is sustainable, functional, adaptable and where Peace is for the Strong of Heart and Spirit.

I've spent the day going through some great folks I've added on my twitter and have gotten some up on the links here. Check them out if you have a moment. I'm not done by any means, but using the 'One Foot in front of the other' theory, I'll have lots more up there soon.

The Middle Times is dedicated to the "how-to's" - another blog of mine, Team Humanity Network Blog has the same goals, with a decidedly Spiritual/Oneness bent. No one has to believe in anything, or can believe in a Force name Harry, for all I care. Oneness is Oneness.

I also have a blog about Food, Air, and Water - what's being done to them, about them, and for them. It's Called Organic Grandmam√°'s Cafe. Hope you like it. You can come by and sit a spell...talk about how food affects everything we do and are, yes? And water...well, corporations are just buying it up right and left...and soda corporations are often just ripping it off. Please, send me anything you think might be good to share about these topics and I'll put them up. Increasing exposure to information...sharing links and conversation...that's how we do it/be it.

It's all about staying aware...acknowledging what is...and accepting that, working together, across the artificially created divides of human foibles and frailties, we can change the Planet.

Peace. The Journey is the Dance.

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