27 June 2009

Mellow morning to you

Kris Kristofferson comes to mind this morning...Sunday Morning Comin' Down. and a good day to ya wherever this Sunday finds you.

Just getting started; coffee to hand; and I was reading the intro to Transition Towns Handbook by Rob Hopkins (get this one and Transition Timeline - which I have, but is next to read) and it talks about how we need new cultural stories...Neale Donald Walsch is talking about the very same thing. I haven't met Rob Hopkins yet; but Neale and I share the same passion about shifting the spiritual matrix - there are no accidents in the Universe/God.

So I'm off to finish my coffee. TT Handbook stays in the "read a few pages" reading room.

Heard - and want to pass along - a warning for any one or any parents who give their children Little Critters (or Li'l Critters) gummy type of vitamin - usually purchased in Costco -

it has been tested and shown to contain up to 20% lead
It's not only really bad for healthy humans and animals, but in children with Muscular Dypstrophy (and I'm sure other dis-eases) it can be life-threatening. The company was contacted with the findings and, apparently, they disagree with the scientific research, and - from my understanding of it - have refused to pull the product from the shelves.

I can see the different shores I've stood on across the planet (and planning to add more to my mornings of vibrant and rich visualizations) call again to my spirit, as I watch the color-assorted birds quick-splash their colors across their line of flight (and my line of sight) - darting from this place and resting for 4 seconds - then darting upward.

May your day be filled with Splashes of Color...changing, darting upward, Splashes.

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