08 August 2009

Great links and movement through the Middle Times

Transition Town New Zealand is well worth a good look. The group really has it together! Also, lots of our Humanity's Team teammates are part of it. They are lively and committed to co-creating a new way of being and doing on our planet - bravo! Below is one of the quotes on their site. Check it out if you have a moment. You won't be disappointed.

"Another world is not only possible; she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing."
Arundhati Roy
Speaking of Humanity's Team, its core statement, "We are all One" - speaks to how transition towns and the co-creation of sustainable communities really work: with the awareness of being One as the core component of co-creating sustainable living. Even at the quantum physics level, this is so. Both Transition Towns and movements like Humanity's Team operate with this awareness and it works. Once this reality is accepted, you realize that the Diversity of humanity and all the interdependent parts of our planet speak - no sing - to this very thing...Oneness.

In May of 2010, Humanity's Team will present to the United Nations a Oneness Petition - along with a huge Oneness Mandala made up of pictures of folks from all over the planet, taken in real-time by Russell Maier - a young Canadian teammate who is cycling around the planet taking the pictures and creating the mandalas - and we shall be co-creating a Oneness Day on our planet...raising the awareness by the voices on the petition and the pictures on the Mandala.

Also, there is the Oneness Minute: it's been around with Humanity's Team for quite a while now. At 11:11, wherever you are, just stop for one moment and visualize Peace and Oneness. That energy becomes more powerful with every person who does it. Whether you meditate for that minute, or just close your eyes and see putting down their weapons and raising their voices to sing together, it will work. More on the Oneness minute to follow soon!

Here is the link to read about the Oneness Petition, sign it if you agree, then perhaps pass it on, or share it via the share button below this post, yes? Thanks either way! Then, I'll post the link to the Oneness Mandala.

Humanity's Team Oneness Petition - Deepak Chopra, James Dwyer, race car driver David Brabham (who is wearing a Humanity's Team patch on his sleeve & the logo on his helmet); Yoko Ono (our petition is on her home page); Marianne Williamson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu; and many more - many more everyday people being & doing extraordinary things.

The Oneness Mandala - This is Russ' blog. I guarantee you'll love it. I think he's in Italy right now.
So, working together, we can do anything. We can co-create the most phenomenal new cultural story for our planet and our race (there is, after all, only one race: The Human One.)

Peace. We are the lyrics to a new song: raise your voices with me!

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  1. To The Humanity's Team
    I enthusiastically join you in the statement "We Are All One" and wish to be included as an active participant on Earth Toward Peace and Oneness.

    We embrace wholeness as we become conscious of an expanding reality through our personal life and experience. Oneness expresses in each act of creation, in each act of empathy, in each act of peace, compassion or love.

    Congratulations for your contribution. I shall keep in mind the Oneness Petition to be presented to the United Nations in May 2010.

    Mayte Picco-Kline
    Author of Wholeness in Living