08 October 2009

A worthwhile viewing - share your thoughts with us, yes?

Our only agenda - our children, grandchildren, grandparents, parents, and our Selves - is very much different than the corporations, the congresspeople who benefit from the deep pockets of those with an agenda - so let's talk. We're not Red or Blue - we're Human. Does your child deserve to die because you can't get Health care? My grandboy just got Muscular Dystrophy out of the blue (no history of it) - and do you know how little is covered - even with insurance? It's the crime and the scam of all time - that we, the everyday people, are expendable - collateral damage in the battle to have all the wealth amassed by the few and the powerful. The rest of us can just...good thing they don't have pauper cemeteries anymore. Blessings. Get up - stand up - together. We are all One - let's practice!

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