15 January 2010

The Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

As we look at the events in Haiti; as we look at events all across the planet, I continue to tell me that these spirits are other expressions of Who We Are when we say we believe that We Are All One. Indonesia...Iraq...Pakistan and Afghanistan...Sudan...

Michigan...Ohio....anywhere good folks live/d and work/ed and - for a time - believed strongly in the equality of human and opportunity - until it was taken away. Profit, Position, Power - all contributed to the strategic planning of dismantling the lives that the people who live/d and work/ed in all of these places and more.

Times have changed in all these places. Change doesn't call itself Negative or Not-workable.
Change is the Constant.

Please read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Then go to Five Steps to Peace and read the documents there. We are all saying the same thing:

We are all One. Todos Somos Uno.

Who are We Being?
Like the Little Soul in the Sun, we KNOW Who we are.
And how do we EXPERIENCE BEING Who we are?
By the DEMONSTRATION of our Lives Lived in each day - Individually and Collectively.

One powerful vehicle/tool is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Click on the link.
It's not long.
It will stay with you.

It doesn't preach.
It states Simple Truths.

Now is the Time.
We are the Ones.

Peace. Let's stand up and demonstrate our We are all ONE-ness!

P.S. Please go to http://www.humanitysteam.org and consider signing the ONEness Petition.

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