12 May 2010

Eating up the landscape: Permaculture proves a yard can wield more than grass / LJWorld.com

The very idea of being able to do something like this - after convincing my hubby of the efficacy
and efficiency of doing it, terraced, on a verge/small rise that sweeps in an arc around the end of the
driveway with the garage door on the opposite side -

is Smile-making. I've been an advocate of Fruit Trees (there's a fairly wide expanse at the top of the rise
as it slopes gently toward our little forest.), perennials (trees, bushes, flowers); and all manner of
beggies, fruits, herbs, whatever, in an orderly (but not too) and leisurely style.

The walkways would not be straight; rather free-form, with a few wide spaces where small benches can be placed.

T'is a good thing. :-)

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