26 April 2009

Getting Started...co-creating Awareness

It's difficult to begin the dialogue about co-creating/re-creating community - especially during these "Middle Times" if we don't gather awareness of the Twins of Change: Peak Oil (which includes natural gas) & Climate Change. For me, how Climate Change has gotten to where it is, is nowhere near as important as how we respond to it. To continue to uselessly debate who did it, why, the agenda, etc., is simply to waste time. That it is here, and that climate change is real can no longer be challenged - except by those who appear bent on wringing the last penny of profit before they rocket off to some other planet where they have a condo awaiting them, or by those so fearful of changing their current consumptive lifestyle that they will spin the words to mean something else.

Peak Oil is something else - ever since the Hubbert Report came out (you can google it, and eventually I'll post info here) - that can't truly be disputed. The 20th Century was the Oil Age and the Industrial Age. It was the best & the worst of times in many large and small ways. We'll explore more of this as we go along.

The Link I've listed below is to a new series about Climate Change, so if you get a chance to watch it, I think it will be good - and at the very least, informative. Take from it (and everything) that which you need to be aware, yes? If you don't have MSNBC, like my setup does not, then you can see segments of the show online, and I've put the link in the title below.

Re-member, this is the Moment of Now to look around and realize that We are all One. We are all messengers bringing a message - and a gift - one to the other. So, do your own research and let's talk again soon.

The Journey is the Dance - let's hit the road together.

'Journey to the End of the World'
premieres this Sunday on MSNBC

"Future Earth," a four-part series on the environment, premieres April 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MSNBC. In "Future Earth: Journey to the End of the World," find out why Earth's climate machine — the North Pole — is melting alarmingly fast. Learn about our planet's future, and how you can stop its decline.

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