25 April 2009

What are The Middle Times?

They are the best of Times...
They are the worst of Times..
(hey! Dickens had a handle on what was happening in his time!) Do we...?

These are strange times. But there is Hope. And that hope lies in mutual awareness of Who We Are.
We are all One. Yep. Like it or not, we are, indeed, all one thing: Spirits expressing the experience of God/Life in this human trip we call Life. And no, it's not airy fairy at all. From Quantum Physics to spirituality, we are all discovering - or rather, re-membering -

That we are All One. Now...can we practice? How do we model that, eh?

Well, to begin with, we might look at doing some research; because, for sure the mainstream media won't tell us what we really need to know to survive as one race - the human race. With the kindest of intentions - or not - news presenters give out their bosses' agendas, spun to either instill Fear (the opposite of Love); instill Hate; whip up the folks who - for whatever reason - don't or can't do any real research and 'just believe,' and so become Sheep; at the beck and call (or hue and cry) of those who manipulate and maneuver for their own ends.

But, we're all so much more than that. We're a great race, the human race. We're God/Life's Noble Experiment. Yes, experiment - because neither God nor Life nor Universe needs us. Think about it.

We are always and ever in a moment of choice - individually and collectively. So what do we choose? Do we choose to get aware and move forward together? Co-create a new day and a higher way of being for everyone? Or do we reach backward...into Hate; into Fear...into allowing our Selves to be used and manipulated for the Agenda of Separation?

I choose to create and co-create a New Day. For my Self - for my four tiny grandboys - for my children - and for every ONE who has agreed in Spirit to come here and bring us gifts in every single moment of Now. Crazy??? Maybe. But, if you stay in unawareness...if you only use your mind and never your heart or your spirit - well, like I said - God/Life/Universe - this very planet we call home - do NOT need the Human Race. So, I'm assuming that, if you have stayed with me thus far, that you just might read further. Here's the whole reason for this blog:

To co-create Community; sustainable; spiritual (which means Oneness - we are all One, let's practice in real-time and get aware as to what that looks like - models like); post-carbon (not just Peak Oil & natural gas, but the twin challenges of Peak Oil & Climate Change. They are bringing us a gift - what is it? What do we take from this huge challenge? What will we take from it as we move forward into learning from the past with the tools of a Future yet unwritten?

First and foremost: We get aware. We stop relying on the media for our source of what's really goin' on...! Then we share information. We suss it out, sorting the wheat from the chaff - or, if you prefer - the usable, make-sense stuff from the crap - the quality from the quantity.

I'd like to start by recommending you read about Transition Towns and Post-Carbon Outposts. Then read about what's really happening to our water and our food across the planet. Yes, it may be daunting - and yes, even really crappy and scary when you start to get into it. But Real isn't for Wusses. It's for the Courageous. If you're one of the many folks who are Christian, Jesus said (and this is a direct quote): Blessed are the PeaceMAKERS, for THEY shall be called the Children of God. (capitals are mine.) Jesus knew whereof he spoke. He also said, "We are One with God and One with Each Other." And if that's true - and you believe the Bible (or many other great books and belief systems that say the same thing in similar words) - then,

We are all One. Easy peasy. Simple. Straightforward...and True.

This is my first post, putting together years of research and love for me, you and us, and so I'll be listing links, blogs and other stuff I think you/we can utilize. Do I have an agenda? You bet! And here it is:

We're all One, let's practice. Let's research. Let's co-create a beautiful new Moment of Now. Let's co-create a new cultural & planetary story. Not one of separate, control, conquer, but one of Oneness, shared challenges, responsibilities and Joy, and Love - real love - not the airy, fairy, soap opera, I need someone or something else to be complete. We Are complete. And we are here expressing the experience of God/Life/Universe. So, whadda ya say? Let's get to it!

Peace. The Journey is the Dance. Put your dancing shoes on & get up on the floor with me.

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