07 July 2011

Realities vs Misconceptions About the Science of Climate Change

From the Pew Center for Climate Change...Realtities vs. Misconceptions

Knowing What Is,
and accepting that It Is,

Realizing that what is happening doesn't work;
Then co-creating what we know can work;
Acting out Who We Really Are;
as we build and be a Bridge.

And as we begin to be/do what works.
We are being and building a Bridge
To a New Day and a New Way.

With the Reality of One Energy being the core operating principle
(If we realize, re-member, that our soul/spirit is not locked into some
 human casing; rather it is that human cloth that is housed inside the
soul/spiritenergy - and realizing that means we can never see Separation
as Real; or things that separate as other than Constructs and Myths.)

It is not only possible to get through what I call The Middle Times; it is right across the Bridge we are being and building.

Peace/Mir/Paz...Let's Rock.

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