06 August 2011

Sharing, Sustainability, through the realization of We are all ONEness

There are so many folks, families, groups, small businesses, cooperatives, you name it - who are living, and thereby putting down the foundations in real-time - the 'how-tos' of living at the convergence of what I call The Four Biggies:  Water, Nuclear, Climate Change, Peak Oil.  We can add the "economy" to it; however, as complex as some folks have tried to make it, suffice to say, it's like betting on a horse race, high-stakes.

So, sticking with folks who are co-creating a new/old/refined way, Freewheelin' Farm has some great ideas.  They're California-based, but ideas and concepts are pretty simple, straightforward, and easy to adapt and apply them in your area.  Check it out, then let me know what you think, yes, please?


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